The Internet OTR Digest

The Internet OTR Digest first appeared in 1994. It is an eclectic collection of articles about old time radio programs, collecting, tips and other material. Almost all of the material is contributed by subscribers, many of whom are recognized personalities or experts in the area. The OTR Digest is emailed (usually every night) to subscribers.

The OTR Digest offers content that is exclusively related to old-time radio. The mail group is maintained by a long-time OTR fan, participant in many OTR conventions, and internet guru, who promises spam-free editions with good "flame" and off-topic prevention, as well as articles by guest experts.

You can manually subscribe to the OTR Digest by sending email

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Alternately, click on the button below. A new browser window will open, allowing you to enter your subscription info.
This email group is quite popular among "connected" OTR fans. Each issue contains many questions, answers and observations about old-time radio. New subscribers are HIGHLY encouraged to read the following two documents before posting messages:
  • The OTR FAQ A list of frequently asked and answered questions. The answer to your question might be there!
  • The Digest "Guide" Guidelines on posting - what is appropriate and what is not.

Some folks might even be interested in the following historical documents:

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