OTR Information of

General Interest

Some of this information is quite old, and is kept here only for historical interest.
AM, FM, Shortwave Radio, and Satellite
Stations with OTR Programming
Current list of stations rebroadcasting OTR. OTR appears to be less popular than talk shows or all night music, and many people have difficulty finding it today. This downloadable list will help.
Books and Newsletters on OTRThe OTR Bibliography and Book Review. Lists of books dealing with various aspects of OTR, and a place to read or write reviews of these books!
Addresses and other info on some OTR Newsletters. written on PAPER!. Email a note to me, with particulars, to list your newsletter, at no charge.
Which MP3 Player is best for OTR?A table comparing CD-based MP3 players. We need your input here!
Clubs and ConventionsOTR Convention Calendar. Dates and places to meet folks with interests in OTR, hear "old but familiar voices", obtain tapes and swap stories. Includes a place for you to enter upcoming events!
See the OTR Club Catalog - containing some info about OTR clubs, and the Sponsor Page with even more info about specific clubs.
Live outside the USA? Interested in OTR? A list of some Non - US Sources for OTR Materials (Thanks to Andrew Emmerson, midshires@cix.compulink.co.uk)
How much do you know or remember about OTR? A short OTR Trivia Quiz that will score your answers. Alternately, cast your vote on various matters concerning OTR at the OTR Polling Place, or test your memory for faces at the OTR Photo Lineup Pages
OTR by Genre

Interested in a particular genre or area of OTR? These pages contain discussion forums (bulletin boards) where you can read and leave messages about your favorite shows, actors and other topics. Many of the pages also have lists of shows in each area, with accompanying short soundbytes.
Detective / Crime / Private Eye shows Just the facts, Ma'm - discussion forum and show list. Hard-boiled cops and soft-hearted PIs alike will enjoy reading about and discussing their favorite shows.
Adventure Stories for Kids Kids of all ages, that is. Discussion board, show list and soundbytes.
Big Band and Other OTR Music We may not be dining and dancing from high atop the Baroom Building in scenic downtown Lower Slobbovia, but you can enjoy the discussion forum, band list and soundbytes.
The Great Soap Operas Daytime radio soaps were even more enjoyable than the TV offerings of today. Visit the discussion forum, read the Soap Opera list, and listen to some soundbytes. Sorry, you have to bring your own Kleenex to snuffle your sniffles.
For the emailers among usWant to identify your email as coming from an OTR Fan? Here is a list of OTR Taglines that you can put in your signature file.
New to the hobby? Wet your whistle. Read a short introduction to OTR
You can get some great tips from Jack French, Editor of Radio Recall, a publication of the Metro Washington Old Time Radio Club.
OTR Sponsors and ShowsHistorically, advertising agents have tried to gain "name recognition" for their products. Here is a page of old radio products, manufacturers and shows, just waiting for you to see if you recognize things.
Danny Goodwin's OTR Commercials Images, soundbytes and critiques of old radio commercials.

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