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Selecting the following topics will take you to other sites, where you can enjoy even more radio-related activities, including OTR personality home pages, "New Time" radio sites and other goodies. I hope you have enjoyed your visit at, and return often! (Did you remember to bookmark the site?)

Station Schedules WWW pages of radio stations with their OTR schedules.

Don't forget to check the OTR stations list for locations and frequencies of many stations broadcasting OTR today.

New Time Radio Preserving the Tradition. Here are some pages that specialize in radio drama of today. You can use them for jumping off points to similar areas.
PersonalitiesPersonality pages for a growing number of OTR favorites, including Bing Crosby, Vincent Price, Abbott & Costello and more.
MiscellanyEmail newsletters, radio clubs, memorablia, etc. Even has a link to The Old Farmer's Almanac if your can't hear your radio in the necessary room, and need something to help your cogitation.
Non-Local OTR Search EnginesSearch the WWW for OTR terms of your choice.

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Station Schedules
WRVO-FM Schedule (NY) OTR and contemporary radio drama.
Misc. Short Wave Schedules (you might find a new OTR station)
KNX, 1070 Newsradio Los Angeles has a couple of OTR Drama segments every night.

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New Time Radio
Daniel Taylor's Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Proof that radio drama still exists! A well-designed page with information on modern radio drama.
A mix of OTR and modern radio drama: Firesign Theatre, Norman Corwin material, other stuff, at Lodestone
The Radio Repertory Company of America "Producers of Original Suspense/Comedy for the Audio Medium"
The Generic Radio Workshop has produced re-creations of old-time radio and original radio dramas since 1992. GRW is dedicated to preserving the art of radio drama. For more information on The Generic Radio Workshop, contact Larry Groebe or Julie Barrett.

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If you liked The Goon Show, you might like this site!
"Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day" ... what else but Steven Lewis' Bing Crosby page. Contains FAQs about Crosby, as well as links to other Crosby pages.
Steve also has some info on the history of Spike Jones as well.
Marc Leavey put together an excellent Al Jolson page, with Quicktime movies, sound and other enhancements.
Ever wonder what happened to radio personalities of the past? Check the Where Are They Now? page from 440 International.
Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, hanging by their thumbs at the Bob and Ray page.
Sherlock Holmes has a web page in Canada! (I thought he retired in Sussex, raising bees and vegetable marrows)
Fibber McGee and Molly seem to have several pages - in and out of Wistful Vista.

  • Fibber McGee & Molly A quick trip to Wistful Vista to meet one of the funnier couples in Old Time Radio. A well-done page by Eric Wilson.

  • Fibber's closet seems to have been moved to Michigan. Here is another page for Fibber McGee and Molly
The National Lum & Abner Society has a page too!
We can't forget to mention the Bob Hope page, either!
The Archers - The worlds longest-running soap opera.
Jack, Doc, and Reggie - proprietors of that famous '40s detective agency, appear in Brian Misiaszek's I Love A Mystery Page
Lucille Ball starred in Radio's "My Favorite Husband" - the precursor to her "I Love Lucy" show. Read more at the Lucy Library site.

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The AIRWAVES Radio Journal The WWW site has information of interest to folks with interests in just about any aspect of radio. The AIRWAVES Journal itself is of primary interest to professional broadcasters
The National Radio Club has a page with plenty of radio related information, including Historical Facts and Information, airchecks, lists of radio stations in the '20s, '30s and '40s; and pointers to their publications on how to improve DX / reception.
Well, it isn't exactly radio, but it was the next best thing if a tube blew or the batteries wore down. Reading The Old Farmer's Almanac was almost as much fun as listening to OTR!
Larry Groebe, of the Generic Radio Workshop, has several pages dedicated to OTR Scripts

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Non-Local OTR Search:

OTR Site Database:
The number of OTR related sites on the WWW has grown considerably. Check's database for a large number of annotated references, including sites that stream MP3 sounds.

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