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The Jack Benny / Fred Allen "feud" was more well known, and lasted longer than the disagreements in the Internet OTR Digest.. Here are Jack and Fred ready to rumble in front of an NBC microphone.

Orson Welles produced and starred in many of the truly great OTR programs. He used the (then new) medium of radio to bring many of the classic stories to listeners, via his Mercury Theatre (1938) and its precursors (e.g. "Les Miserables" (1937)). He was also able to influence the reality of his listeners (e.g. "War of the Worlds"). His Third Man (The Lives of Harry Lime, Harry Lime) (1951) was both a continuing favorite on the radio as well as an interesting film. This picture was taken at about the time Mr Welles was portraying The Shadow on the Mutual Network (1937-1938)

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy entertained many radio listeners between 1937 and 1954. Programs included the Chase and Sanborn Hour, and the Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy Show. Many reviewers have commented on the success of a ventriloquist on the radio. Some of the more or less regulars on the show included Don Ameche, Norman Field, Jim Backus and Pat Patrick. Sponsors included Chase & Sandborn coffee, Coca-Cola, Richard Hudnut shampoo.

Leonard Slye ("Roy") Rogers, "The King of the Cowboys" was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. He was the star of The Roy Rogers Show, which started in 1944 on the Mutual Network, and moved to NBC in 1946. The radio show continued through July, 1955.

Dale Evans, Gabby Hayes, Pat Brady, Foy Willing, Sons of the Pioneers, Riders of the Purple Sage all made regular appearances. Sponsors included Goodyear, Miles Labs, Quaker, Post, and Dodge.

Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe) was one of the early SF radio shows. It was first heard on Mutual in April, 1935. Each episode was only 15 minutes long. The show went off the air in late 1935 or early 1936. Jean Rogers (the other person in the picture) was also a player in Those We Love, a soap that aired on CBS or NBC between 1938 and 1945

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