Himan Brown & Actors Went Live At AES

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Hal Evans

Himan Brown & Actors Went Live At AES

Postby Hal Evans » Wed Nov 30, 2005 7:23 am

Wow. First of all, the format of the BBS has changed markedly! Now to the main point. We were well-entertained and most delighted to sit in on a production of radio pioneer Himan Brown's live production performance of a radio show at the Audio Engineering Show in New York a few months ago. We finally go to see in-person the voices behind the mic. What was missing was a certain quality of the days when radio shows were first broadcast. The "oomph" was not as powerful with the new audio gear! What was needed were the old RCA models 44 and 77 mics and tube type processing and amplifiers. However the performances were wonderful. And we got a chance to talk to some of the performers and Himan Brown, himself. Alas, when I said that I listened to his Inner Sanctum programs on the web, he had no reply. I further praised hearing them again. And then he indicated that he wasn't paid for their use. Thus hearing OTR on the web is a mixed blessing.

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