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Sammy Jones
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OTR Scripts

Postby Sammy Jones » Sat Jun 17, 2006 2:24 pm

Curious to know if anyone out there collects OTR scripts. I've got the first 2 years of the Amos 'n' Andy serial (1928-30) on microfilm from the Library of Congress, quite a few I Love a Mystery photocopied scripts, and several months of the Lum and Abner scripts from the '30s that were released by the Lum and Abner Appreciation Society. Probably some other things lying around that I can't recall at this moment.

I'd like to hear from anybody who collects these very ephemeral parts of radio history...


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Re: OTR Scripts

Postby Lou » Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:42 pm

Sammy Jones wrote:Curious to know if anyone out there collects OTR scripts.

Sammy -

From the OTR FAQ:
Check your local or national OTR clubs. Many have a "print library" that includes scripts. You can also point your browser at the University of Maryland's script page, at www.lib.umd.edu/UMCP/LAB/scripts.html

Jack French (otrpiano@verizon.net) said:

One excellent source is the book. "One Hundred Non-Royalty Radio Plays" compiled by William Kozlenko, Greenberg Publ of NYC 1941. It's certainly out of print now, but many libraries would have a copy. I bought mine at a used book store a few years ago. The 100 radio plays in the book include adventure, mystery, fantasy, comedy and historical. Most were originally produced on educational stations in the 30s. Authors include Saroyan, Julian, and Liss.

Larry Groebe, of the Generic Radio Workshop, has several pages dedicated to on-line OTR scripts at http://www.genericradio.com


Hopefully some other folks will chime in with their comments about script collecting as well.

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Postby aussieotr » Sat Jul 01, 2006 11:17 pm

Hi Sammy,

OTR scripts do seem to be hard to find. The few people I've spoken to about obtaining OTR scripts, and the online resources I've found have all said the same thing:

- Transcribe the scripts yourself

or visit one of these three resources:


If you find any other resources, please share them - I'm looking for OTR scripts to stage, as I'm beginning a new radio theatre company here in Australia - it will be the only one recording plays regularly in front of an audience.


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