Longtime UPI Radio Newsman Pye Chamberlayne Dies

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Longtime UPI Radio Newsman Pye Chamberlayne Dies

Postby Hal Evans » Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:06 pm

It's sad for me to report that longtime UPI Radio newsman Pye Chamberlayne has passed away. Twas on October 21st. He was my age. So it's getting scary, personally. Back in my radio days, I recall his UPI Radio news reports on Mutual. The network relied heavily on UPI Radio reports. His reports were mainly from Washington. DC. Today in my memory I can hear his exit line, "Pye Chamberlyane, Capitol Hill.

Anyone else recall this fellow's news reports? He also did a lot of voiceovers for the Army training slide-tapes. I was astonished to hear his voice. Then I later verfied it from Jim Fox, who recorded a lot of that kind of work at Lion and Fox in Arlington.

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