Jack Webb

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Jack Webb

Postby Scotty » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:59 am

How many Radio Shows did Jack Webb create?



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Postby Remley » Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:19 pm

Here are the radio shows I'm aware of with Jack Webb:

<b>Jack Webb Show</b> (1946)
<b>Pat Novak For Hire</b> (1946-47?)
<b>Johnny Madero, Pier 23</b> (1947)
<b>Jeff Regen, Investigator</b> (1948)
<b>Pat Novak For Hire</b> (1949)
<b>Dragnet</b> (1949-1955)
<b>Pete Kelly's Blues</b> (1951)

The <b>Jack Webb Show</b> was a comedy show, believe it or not. Jack apparently did the early <b>Pat Novak For Hire</b> shows around 1946, then the role was played by Ben Morris after that. I don't know why Webb left, but then he starred in a copycat series ight after that called <b> Johnny Madero, Pier 23</b> around 1947. I don't know how long he did that series.

Webb then starred as <b>Jeff Regan, Investigator</b> (aka The Lyon's Eye) in 1948. Webb returned to the <b>Pat Novak</b> role in the spring of 1949 (Raymond Burr also starred alongside Webb in this show before he was well-known). The last Pat Novak show apparently aired two days after the first <b>Dragnet</b> show aired (2 June 1949).

Dragnet obviously kept Webb busy for many years, but he did have the time to try a series about a Kansas City jazz musician, <b>Pete Kelly's Blues</b>, in 1951. It was based on the movie of the same name. It had the same announcer from the Dragnet show.

Obviously there's a lot of Dragnet shows out there, and a couple handfuls of Pat Novak and Jeff Regan shows, although I've only seen a couple episodes of each of the others; they're pretty rare.

Jack Webb also appeared on occasional episodes of <b>Escape</b> and <b>Suspense</b>, and also co-starred with Elliott Lewis and future Dragnet co-star Barton Yarbrough in an audition show (pilot) called <b>Three For Adventure</b>, which wasn't ever made into a series. Jack also guest starred on shows from Bob Hope, Dennis Day and others.

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