Crusade for Freedom PSAs

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Crusade for Freedom PSAs

Postby shortwaveboy86 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:31 pm

I'm doing research right now on the Crusade for Freedom, a drive run by the National Committee for a Free Europe during the 1950s to support Radio Free Europe. I know that I've run across OTR episodes in the past that feature a Crusade for Freedom public service announcement, but I'm having some trouble finding them again (I swear I remember an episode of Our Miss Brooks with an appeal for funds from Eve Arden). I already have an episode of Life With Luigi from 09/19/1950 called "Crusade for Freedom Speech". I know it's a strange request, but if anyone knows of some episodes, I would be very grateful to know series, date and title. Thank you so much.

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