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Great new OTR Radio Station.

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:01 am
by 20thcentury
New OTR Radio Station Announcement

Hi there!

I'm just getting the word our about our 20th Century Radio station. It was first launched last November (2010) and is growing in popularity rather quickly. Tune in and please feel free to post any feedback.

Our program schedule is heavy with Detective Stories, Westerns and SciFi.

Main web site is here -

Our detailed programing schedule is here -

Tune in here - Or use the player at our web site.

Or you can also open iTunes (9.0 or later) and go to Radio ---> News / Talk Radio ---> 20th Century Radio

We truly love OTR and pay close attention to our listeners' suggestions.

By the way, aside from our regular programing we are starting to incorporate weekly spectaculars and specials. In addition we've got some major surprises in store for the very near future.

Joseph Maas, 20th Century Radio station manager

Not just radio the way it used to be...
Radio the way it should be!