Privacy Policy for

Various kinds of information are collected from all visits to This page explains what information is collected, and what is done with it.

  • All visitors' domains and times of access are recorded, as are the names of the visited pages.

  • If you link here directly from another website (by clicking on a link at that site), the URL of that website may be recorded.

The above information is used to determine the number of visits to any page, and the internet domains used to access this site.

  • If you access the BBSs or other interactive pages at this site, any ID information you care to enter (such as your email address) will be saved as part of the BBS message. A cookie will also be set and stored on your computer, so the BBS will recognize you and your last read message on your next return. Your mail addresses are not sold to third parties, but they can be read by others if you include your email address in a public message.

  • If you send a private message via the Webmaster Email MAILTO, any ID information you enter will be saved as part of the message, as will the referring page and the type of browser you use. This information is included to help diagnose any problems you might report, and to send you a private response if one is warranted.

No personally-identifying information is obtained unless you care to enter it.

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