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OTR Logs & Databases
Sources or listings of programs and play dates, along with other supportive information, for many of the popular (and not so popular) OTR series.
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Summary of Some Opinions
Every so often, a thread in the OTR Digest appears more interesting than others. This is a small collection of some of them.

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To Copy or Not to Copy ...
Inevitably, people ask questions about whether or not it is legal to copy OTR programs. Unfortunately, the answer depends both on the age of the program and whether the copyright was renewed. This area will help you make a decision.

Old-Time Memories
Learn of the many musical selections used in The Lone Ranger, human and nonhuman "sidekicks" of a few of the OTR heroes, OTR programs that transitioned to (or from) TV, and movies about OTR characters or episodes.

Many of these pages will allow you to add your opinions, and some will show the results immediately.

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