OTR Sound Snippets

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50s Zenith

Sound snippets from a bygone era, converted to digital format, edited, and ready for playing on your computer.

Just about any night, radio listeners could tune to one of several stations broadcasting what we now call "OTR". The following short sound samples are provided to educate new and old OTR fans in some of the famous "intros" to those programs.

You can download either a PC or a Mac REALAUDIOŽ player

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Listening tips:

If you have a "WIN Modem" or "HSC Modem" (one that uses your computer's CPU to do part of the work), the sound stream may sound broken unless you close all other windows.

IF YOU GET AN ERROR MESSAGE to the effect that the file is not a RealAudio file, you probably have an old version of the RealAudioŽ player, and need to update it to version 5 or newer.

Your Choices of Locally Maintained Soundbytes:
Famous Weekly Shows As in any medium, some shows are more successful than others. Here are sound bytes from some of the better remembered OTR series, and a few not-so-successful ones as well. Commercials Commercials can be art forms too! This selection of OTR commercials gives a peek into the history of the medium, and may evoke some memories (or chuckles) too. If you wish, you can test your memory of OTR sponsors, too.
Big Band Musical Memories Large list of Big Bands, with a good selection of sound samples.
The OTR Listener?
Kids' Shows A list and soundbytes of some of those great shows for after-school listening. Background Music for Browsing A few MIDI selections for your enjoyment or to recall memories of a the last century. These aren't Real Audio files, but MIDI files, and use a different plugin. See your computer documentation if you can't hear them.
The Great Radio Soap Operas List of Daytime Dramas with many associated soundbytes
NBC's FOUR-chime signal Yep, NBC used to have four (rather than today's three) chimes to announce special events. Read about and listen to 'em here. Special Sounds Interesting sounds from radio's past Bill Cosby parodies Arch Oboler's "The Chicken Heart" This is an OTR soundbyte of what was then enjoyable (and scary) OTR (5 mins, 24 secs)

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