Sound Bytes

Many of us remember Old Time Radio shows by specific sound events that occurred in them. For instance, Jack Benny's "Now cut that out!" may be remembered longer than many of his individual shows. Similarly, some show introductions and/or commercials are remembered long after the show's content is forgotten. The introduction to The Shadow is an example of the former, and Johnny Roventini's "Call for Philip Mor - ee - as" Soundbyte might be an example of the latter. Often, musical interludes (e.g. "The William Tell Overture" in The Lone Ranger) or sound effects (e.g. gunshots from Gunsmoke) might evoke a particular nostalgic memory.

This page shows some of the sound bytes that are "most memorable" to readers of the Internet OTR Digest, and folks who previously visited this page.

ProgramSound ByteAudio
Abbott and Costello"Who's on first" routineLINK
Aldrich Family"Hen-REEE!!! Henry Aldrich!" "Coming, mother!"Soundbyte
"Foooooor, he's a Jello good fellllow; for he's a Jello good felllllllow. So rich, so creamy and mellllllllllOOOOOOOOW!!!!! J-E-L-L-OOOOOOOO!" (Henry and Homer singing on The Aldrich Family, a sound which can neuter most animals within 50 yards) 
Amos 'n' Andy"(Bobwhite whistle) Rinso white! (bobwhite histle)!"Soundbyte
Kingfish: "Well, ya see ..." 
Kingfish: "Well, hello there, Sapphire!"Soundbyte
"Amos, it's Sunday again ..."Soundbyte
Bickersons, TheSound of John Bickerson's snoringSoundbyte
Bob and Ray"This is Ray Goulding reminding you to write if you get work." "This is Bob Elliott reminding you to hang by your thumbs."Soundbyte
Wolf Larson--"why You." 
"--ly Ballou speaking from Harper's Ferry, New York" Soundbyte
The Biff Burns sports report closer: That's the six-oh mark for tonight and tomorrow night. This is Biff Burns saying this is Biff Burns saying goodnight. 
Brylcreem Commercial"A little dab'll do ya" 
Can You Top ThisSenator "Ed" Ford talking about Dopey Dilldock 
Capt. MidnightA clock tolls twelve ominously: "Captain Mid-Niiight!"Soundbyte
Champaigne Velvet Beer Commercial"You're sure its pure...and it's just as smmmmeewwwwth" - Champagne Velvet beer. 
Charlie McCarthy"So help me, I'll clip him! I'll mowwwwwww him down!"Soundbyte
Dagwood & BlondieDagwood's daily explosive contact with the postman 
Don McNeil's Breakfast Club"GOOD MORNING, BREAKFAST CLUBBERS!", and "so long, and be good to yourself!: Don McNeil  
Duffy's Tavern"Duffy's Tavern, where the elite meet to eat. Archie the manager speaking; Duffy ain't here." Soundbyte
"How do you dooooo?" (Bert Gordon as the Mad Russian. Also on Eddie Cantor Show)Soundbyte
Easy AcesGoodman Ace saying, after his wife Jane came up with one of her great malapropisms, "Isn't that awful?" 
Edward R Murrow"This... is London" 
"Good Night and Good Luck" 
Fat Man, The with the title character on the scale as he receives his weightSoundbyte
Fibber McGee and MollyMolly McGee saying, "'tain't funny, McGee!"Soundbyte
Opening his closetSoundbyte
Opening his closet (another time) Soundbyte
Mr Wimple saying, "Sweetie Face, my big old wife" 
Fibber's maid saying, "Love that man!" 
Teenie saying, "Hey mister, whatcha doin', whatcha?"  
Fred Allen"Oh, Mister Allllllllllllllllen!!!!!" (Portland Hoffa) 
Titus Moody saying, "Im not long for this world." 
Gabriel Heatter"Ah, there's good (bad) news tonight." 
George Burns & Gracie Allen"Say 'Goodnight', Gracie" 
Gracie says that "Maxwell House is good to the last drop," and George Burns replies that "the last drop is good too, Gracie." 
Grand Central StationThe description with sound accompaniment of the train thrashing its way towards New York City. 
Grand Ol' OpryMinnie Pearl's "Howdee, I'm jest so proud ta be here!"  
"Elmer, don't forget the American Ace Coffee! 
Great Gildersleeve, TheGildersleeves' laugh 
Harold Peary saying, "Leeeeeeeroooooy!".  
Gildersleeve's druggest, Peevey, made us wait forever for him to remark: "Well now, I wouldn't say THAT!"... 
Green Hornet, TheThe opening buzzing themeSoundbyte
I Love a MysteryILAM's wistful train whistleSoundbyte
Inner SanctumThe squeaking doorSoundbyte
The voice of Raymond at the end of each episode." Good night and pleassant drrreamms." 
It Pays To Be Ignorant"now we're back to Miss McConnell again!" 
(Typical question: "Why is being married like taking a bath? Because after a while, it's not so hot!")  
Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy"Wave the flag for Hudson High, Boys!.........."Soundbyte
Jack Benny"Now cut that out!" 
"LSMFT! LSMFT! Lucky Strikes means fine tobacco. So firm, so round, so fully packed." (advertising on the Lucky Strikes Program) 
Frank Nelson saying, "Yes" 
"Mr. Benny's residence: star of stage, screen, radio, television and an all around pain." -Rochester 
"Ooohhhh, what she said!" - Dennis Day 
Mr. Kitzle singing "Peekle in the meedle with the mustard on top! when ethnic stereotypes were not frowned upon; 
Opening his vault 
THATS WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE SOUTH as Phil Harris & his Band would play on the Jack Benny Program..... Jack would never let him complete the song..... 
when he is accosted by a would-be mugger who asks him repeatedly, "your money or your life" and he answers after pausing a while, "I'm thinking it over". 
where he does a take-off of The Whistler. (Jack Benny: The Fiddler) 
and his incredible Maxwell.(voiced by the talented Mel Blanc) 
Jack: "Hmmmmmmm." 
Sheldon Leonard as the racetrack tout: "Hey bud. Come here a minute." 
Jimmie Durante"Good night Mrs. Calabash" 
Joanie's Tea RoomJoan Davis' telephone greeting "Joanie's Tea Room" 
Johnny Dollar"Yours truly, Johnny Dollar." (Johnny Dollar on, well, you know, right after he gives the grand total on his expense report)Soundbyte
Life of Riley, The "It is I, Digby O'Dell, the friendly undertaker!"Soundbyte
"What a revoltin' development this is!" (Chester Riley)Soundbyte
Lights Out"These Lights Out stories are not for the timid soul. So we tell you calmly, but sincerely, that if you frighten easily, turn off your radio now."Soundbyte
(bong) It... (bong) ... is ... (bong) ... later ... (bong) ... than ... (bong) ... you ... (bong) ... Think
Lone Ranger, TheThe William Tell Overture excerpt that opens the programSoundbyte
Tonto saying, "tie-ee kimosabi" 
"Come on, Silver!" "Gettum up Scout!"Soundbyte
"Hi Yo Silver, Awayyy!"Soundbyte
Lowell Thomas "So long until tomorrow"  
Lum and Abner"Wonderful world!" (Cedric Weehunt ) 
Martin Bloc"And now this is Martin Bloc saying goodnight to you, and you, and ESPECIALLY to you. 
NBC Station ID"This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company. (pause, followed by the NBC chimes)"Soundbyte
Phil Harris / Alice Faye Showwhen Phil wants to buy something cheap,he asks Frankie,and Frankie's reply "Curley I know a guy"... 
Julis saying: "Keep daddy lit in da window, mudder, I'm flyin' home tonight!"  
Shadow, The"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! (evil laugh)" Soundbyte
"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit"Soundbyte
Smilin' Ed McConnell (Buster Brown Show)Froggie the Gremlin: "plunk your magic twanger, FROGGIE!!" Soundbyte
Space Patrol"From the wild vast reaches of space - Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice! Travel into the future with Buzz Corey, Commander and Chief of the Space Patrol!!" whoooooosh!!! 
Superman"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERMAN!!!!" 
Suspense"A tale well calculated to keep you in... (cue dramatic music) Suspense!"Soundbyte
Terry and the PiratesA gong clashes, jibber-jabbering sing-song voices: "Terry and the Pirates!" 
Tom Mix"Take a tip from Tom, go and tell your Mom........." 
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen"Here's to you mate, here's to you ..." 
Walter Winchell"Hello Mr & Mrs America and all the ships at sea". Soundbyte
Whistler, TheThe melody whistled at the beginning, along with introSoundbyte
Wildroot Cream Oil Commercial"Hiya Baldie" ... "Get Wildroot Cream Oil, CharlieSoundbyte
X Minus 1"Countdown for blastoff: X minus five (beep) .. four (beep) ... three (beep) ... two (beep)... X minus one... fire!"Soundbyte
Your Hit Parade and Jack Benny Show CommercialsEither or both L.A. "Speed" Riggs or F.E. Boone (auctioneers) chanting: "Heydayfodowminiminiminiboodleboodle - Sold American! "Hamamanamamanalafalfalafa-sold -- American!" --- or whatever it was they said.Soundbyte