Background Music for Browsing

Visitors with sound cards (and correctly configured browsers) can play a little tune while checking the Program Guide or perusing the Old-Time pages. After you start a tune, you can continue to browse the pages at, and the music should continue to play in the background (the background MIDI, however, will interfere with concurrent playing of any RealAudioŽ files you find here).

(After you play these tunes, copies of the MIDI files can be found in your browser's cache subdirectory for later enjoyment.)

====Insert Nickle.Press Red Button====
1I Forgot to Remember to Forget Yesterday6
2Memories ...
For The Good Times7
3That Day Is Done
4Reminiscing Help Me Make It
Through The Night
5Those Were
The Days
As Time Goes By10
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These (assumedly public domain) MIDIs were found at various sites on the internet, and are not original to this site.

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