Comic Books and OTR

Some OTR characters or shows also appeared in the comic books of the time. Here is a partial list supplied by Jack French:

I presented a seminar on comic book heroes on the radio about 5 years ago at the Newark FOTR Convention. If we can expand the genre of comic books to include the comic pages in the newspaper, here's the list of those from the comic books and "funny papers" that got their own radio programs (in alphabetical order.)
Radio Show
Archie Andrews
Blue Beetle
Bringing Up Father
Buck Rogers
Buster Brown
Dan Dunn
Dick Tracy
Don Winslow of the Navy
Flash Gordon
Gasoline Alley
Harold Teen
Hop Harrigan
Jane Arden
Joe Palooka
Jungle Jim
King of the Royal Mounted
Little Orphan Annie
Major Hoople
Mandrake the Magician
Mark Trail
Red Ryder
Sad Sack
Smilin' Jack
Tailspin Tommy
Terry & The Pirates
The Nebbs
Tillie the Toiler
Captain Midnight was on radio first, then went to the comic book pages. Batman never had his own show, but he and Robin were often on Superman's radio show. Captain Marvel never made it to radio.