History and
Old-Time Radio

Here you can find examples of old-time radio during its developmental period. The material consists of first-hand memories, gleanings from radio archives and other sources.

Contributors of this material relate some interesting personal activites and technical achievements, both in the US and in other countries.The Stories Behind the Stories.
Real museums, with echoing hallways and lots of old radio stuff, navigable on the web or by foot. A great source of info for both the serious researcher and the casual OTR fan.Online & Offline radio-related museums.
A look at not only the radio programs and personalities of the Golden Age, but the social and political happenings of the era. Plenty of pictures and soundbytes, too!Donna Halper's History of Early Radio. Several pages, covering the period 1931 through 1947
Jack French (editor of Radio Recall) Contributed these articles. Jack also hosts two bulletin boards at this site. Check The Old-Time Radio Bulletin Boards for more info.
A chronology of the appearance (and disappearance) of many of the "Golden Age" radio programs. There are even a few soundbytes of some old gems.The Golden Years. Also includes other "ages" of radio, between 1918 and 1974.
Many of today's OTR fans listen to their favorite radio programs on MP3 devices. Just "yesterday", the device of choice was a tape recorder. Here is a page describing recording devices from Thomas Edison's earliest phonograph to the iPod Shuffle. The Evolution Of Recording (How many of these devices did YOU use to listen to OTR?)
Various contributors' old-time radio schedules. See what was playing on any of several dates in various parts of the country.
Elizabeth McLeod answers a lot of questions about early recording media and recordings of very early radio shows.
Charles Sexton presents stories, soundbytes and images of many of the radio premiums offered by sponsors of many old-time radio shows.Radio Premiums: Re-live them again.
Danny Goodwin describes the evolution of the radio commercial, using soundbytes, images and interesting descriptions. OTR Commercials - Selling Stuff During the Golden Age of Radio.
Danny Goodwin contributes his compilation of OTR show ratings for 1930 through 1950. The ratings can be viewed either by network or season.Radio Ratings: Radio's Most Popular Programs of the Golden Age.

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