What Was On the Radio -
TUESDAY, May 28, 1935

By Eric N. Wilson

The following is the radio listing of the network radio stations in the New York City based on the radio page of the NY Times from May 26, 1935.  Please keep in mind that to prevent giving free advertising to consumer goods, programs named after the sponsor's products were routinely listed with alternate names--or often a generic program designation--so not all titles as given over the air are known (well, to me, anyway).  Likewise, not all of the shows listed are of network origination.  The classification in (parentheses) are the ones printed in the original listings, while the ones in [brackets] are added from my personal knowledge of the shows.  Then as now, stations reserved the right to make last minute changes to their broadcast schedule.


WEAF (NBC Red)----660
WOR (Mutual)--------710
WJZ (NBC Blue)-----760
WABC (CBS)---------860

(Other stations in the listening area at the time included WMCA (570), WNYC (810), WHN (1010),  WLWL (1100), and WEVD (1300).  However, nothing was listed for any of these stations on the day in question apart from the program on all stations at 8:20 AM.)


6:45 AM--WOR  Gym Classes
7:30 AM--WEAF  Dance Orchestra;  WOR Sorey Orchestra;  WJZ  Yoichi Hiracka (Xylophone);  WABC  Organ Reville
7:45 AM--WEAF  Pollock and Lawnhurst (Piano);  WJZ Jolly Bill and Jane
8:00 AM--WEAF  Phil Cook's Notebook;  WOR News and music;  WJZ  Morning Devotions;  WABC Madison Singers
8:15 AM--WEAF  Don Hall Trio;  WJZ  WilliamMeeder (Organ)
8:20 AM--ALL STATIONS  City Consumer's Guide
8:30 AM--WEAF Cheerio Musicale;  WOR  Martha Manning (talk);  WJZ  William Meeder (organ);  WABC Salon Musicale
8:45 AM--WOR  Talk and Music;  WJZ  Landt Trio and White
9:00 AM--WEAF  Richard Leibert (organ);  WOR  Studio Music;  WJZ  Dance Orchestra;  WABC  Variety Musicale
9:15 AM--WOR  Tex Fletcher (songs)
9:30 AM--WEAF  Fields and Hall (songs);  WOR  Theatre of Romance
9:45 AM--WEAF  The Wife Saver [comedy];  WOR  Freudberg Orchestra;  WABC  Brad and Al (songs)
10:00 AM--WEAF, WJZ, WABC  News;  WOR  Food--A.W. McCann
10:05 AM--WEAF  Johnny Marvin (tenor);  WJZ  Xylophone-Piano Duo;  WABC  Jimmy, June, and Jack (songs)
10:15 AM--WEAF  Clara, Lu 'n' Em;  WJZ  Hazel Arth (contralto);  WABC  Bluebirds Girl Trio
10:30 AM--WEAF  Variety Musicals;  WJZ  Today's Children [serial];  WABC  Fulton Orchestra
10:45 AM--WJZ  Pure Food Forum;  WABC  Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch [serial]
11:00 AM--WOR  Helen King (graphologist);  WJZ  Grace and Eddie (songs);  WABC  Studio Music
11:15 AM--WEAF  Your Child (Dr. Ella Gardner);  WOR  Frank and Flo (songs);  WJZ  Tony Wons (poetry);  WABC  Story of Mary Martin [serial]
11:30 AM--WEAF  Male Trio;  WOR  Jacob Tarshish (talk);  WJZ  Hessberger Orchestra;  WABC  Gothamaires Quartet
11:45 AM--WEAF  Al and Lee Reiser (Piano);  WOR  Life of Mary Sothern [serial];  WABC  Studio Orchestra


12 NOON--WEAF  Masquerade [serial];  WOR  News, Music;  WJZ  To Be Announced;  WABC  Carson Robinson's Buckaroos
12:15 PM--WEAF  Honeyboy and Sassafras;  WABC  The Gumps [Comedy/Drama]
12:30 PM--WEAF  Cloutier Orchestra;  WOR  Interview with John R. Tunis;  WJZ  Variety Musicale;  WABC  Five-Star Jones [Serial]
12:45 PM--WOR  Painted Dreams [Serial];  WABC  The Consumer Pays The Bill (Mrs. W.E. Fribley of Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs);  WABC  Final Rounds, 11th Annual National Spelling Bee, National Museum, Washington DC
1:00 PM--WEAF  Market and Weather Reports;  WOR  Grace Panvini (soprano);  WJZ  Armand Girard (bass)
1:15 PM--WEAF  Duffy Orchestra;  WOR  Gabriel Heatter (news commentator);  WJZ  Virginia Lee and Sunbeam;  WABC  Stage Relief Talk
1:20 PM--WABC  String Trio
1:30 PM--WEAF  General Hugh S. Johnson, Speaking at Salvation Army Luncheon, Hotel Biltmore;  WOR  Health Talk, Music;  WJZ  American Business and the Public Welfare--Harper Sibley, President US Chamber of Commerce at N.Y. Merchants Association Luncheon, Hotel Astor;  WABC  Dr. M. Sayle Taylor, at William Jewell College Commencement Exercises, Liberty, MO
1:40 PM--WOR  Rosaline Green (commentator)
1:45 PM--WEAF  Gordon String Quartet;  WOR  Theatre Club
2:00 PM--WOR  Dr. A. Payne (psychologist);  WJZ  Farm and Home Hour;  WABC  Marie, The Little French Princess [serial]
2:15 PM--WOR  Studio Orchestra;  WABC  Romance of Helen Trent [serial]
2:30 PM--WEAF  Al Pearce's Gang;  WOR  Women's Program;  WJZ  The Mascot (operetta);  WABC  Ted Malone, Reading
2:45 PM--WABC  Happy Hollow
3:00 PM--WEAF  Home Sweet Home (sketch);  WOR  String Ensemble;  WABC  Variety Musicale
3:15 PM--WEAF  Vic and Sade [comedy]; WOR & WJZ  Tenth Annual Meeting, Welfare Council of NYC, Hotel Pennsylvania
3:30 PM--WEAF  Ma Perkins [serial]
3:45 PM--WEAF  Dreams Come True [serial(?)]
4:00 PM--WEAF  Women's Review;  WJZ  Betty and Bob; WABC  String Ensemble
4:15 PM--WOR  Menus (Mrs. J. S. Reilly);  WJZ  Getting Acquainted With Contract Bridge (Louis J. Haddad)
4:20 PM--WOR  Music, Health Talk
4:30 PM--WEAF  Marie Deville (songs);  WOR  Science (Dr. Kurt Haeseler);  WJZ  Chicago a Capella Choir;  WABC  Foods We Eat And Why We Eat Them (Professor R.A. Dutcher)
4:45 PM--WEAF  Adventures of King Arthur Land (children);  WOR  Sylvia Cyde (soprano);  WABC  Betty Barthell (songs)
5:00 PM--WEAF  Ross Graham (baritone);  WOR  News, Male Trio;  WJZ  Health Talk
5:15 PM--WEAF  Pan American Musicale;  WJZ  Jackie Heller (tenor)
5:30 PM--WOR  Adventurers Club;  WJZ  The Singing Story Lady;  WABC  Jack Armstrong [children's adventure serial]
5:45 PM--WEAF  Nursery Rhymes;  WOR  Uncle Don [children];  WJZ  Little Orphan Annie [children's adventure serial];  WABC  Dick Tracy [children's adventure serial]


6:00 PM--WEAF  Orgets in the Air; WJZ, WOR, & WABC  First Birthday of the Dionne Quintuplets at Callander, Ontario:  Speakers--Dr. Allan R. Dafoe, Judge J.A. Valin (one of the official guardians), and others
6:15 PM--WEAF  Midweek Hymn Sing
6:30 PM--WEAF  Press-Radio News;  WOR  Terry and Ted;  WJZ  Press-Radio News;  WABC  Russian Musicale
6:35 PM--WEAF  Gallagher and Shean (songs);  WJZ  Jack Shilkret Orchestra
6:45 PM--WEAF  Billy and Betty;  WOR  Talks and Music;  WJZ  Lowell Thomas (commentator);  WABC  Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd [comedy]
6:55 PM--WABC  Press-Radio News
7:00 PM--WEAF  New York State Program for Re-Employment (William H. Lange);  WOR  Sports (Stan Lomax);  WJZ  Amos 'n' Andy [comedy serial];  WABC  String Orchestra
7:15 PM--WEAF  Hall and Gruen (piano);  WOR  Lum and Abner [comedy serial];  WJZ  Tony and Gus;  WABC  Just Plain Bill [serial]
7:30 PM--WEAF  Easy Aces [comedy];  WOR  The Street Singer;  WJZ  Unbalanced Budget and Taxes (Walter H. Bennett, President Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank);  WABC  Singin' Sam
7:45 PM--WEAF  State Councils (Governor H.S. Bridges of New Hampshire, Stephen B. Story, Fiscal Ageng, New Hampshire ERA);  WOR  Comedy and Music;  WJZ  Telling the World (Graham MacNamee);  WABC  Boake Carter (commentator)
8:00 PM--WEAF  Reisman Orchestra;  WOR  Manhunters [crime drama];  WJZ  Dramatic Sketch;  WABC  Concert Orchestra, Frank Munn (tenor), Bernice Claire (soprano)
8:30 PM--WEAF  Wayne King Orchestra;  WOR  Minevitch Harmonica Band;  WJZ  Welcome Valley (w/ Edgar A. Guest);  WABC  Lyman Orchestra, Vivianne Segal (soprano), Oliver Smith (tenor)
9:00 PM--WEAF  Ben Bernie Orchestra (w/ actress Dolores Del Rio);  WOR  Studio Musicale;  WJZ  Red Trails [drama];  WABC  Bing Crosby (w/ Stoll Orchestra and Andy Devine)
9:15 PM--WOR  Wallenstein Sinfonietta
9:30 PM--WEAF  Ed Wynn [the Fire Chief, comedy-variety];  WJZ  Littau Orchestra;  WABC  Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra
9:45 PM--WOR  Al and Lee Reiser (piano)
10:00 PM--WEAF  Jenny Lind [a written-for-radio operetta];  WOR  Larry Taylor (baritone);  WJZ  Fibber McGee and Molly [comedy];  WABC  [Glen?] Gray Orchestra, Annette Hanshaw (singer), Walter O'Keefe
10:15 PM--WOR  H. E. Read (current events)
10:30 PM--WOR  Shades of Don Juan [drama(?)];  WJZ  Heart Throbs of the Hills;  WABC  Jerry Cooper (baritone)
10:45 PM--WABC  More For Your Money In Small Loans:  How To Reduce Interest Rates (E. E. Davidson, supervisor of Loan Agencies, Massachusetts; L. R. Foster)
11:00 PM--WEAF  Stanley High Commentator;  WOR  News, Moonbeam Trio;  WJZ  Childs Orchestra;  WABC  Bergin Orchestra
11:30 PM--WEAF  Meyers Orchestra;  WJZ  Dance Music (until 1 AM);  WABC  Dance Music (until 1 AM)
11:45 PM--WEAF  The Hoofinghams [drama(?)];  WOR  Dance Music (until 1 AM)
12:00 MIDNIGHT--WEAF  Dance Music (until 1 AM)

If you have more information to help with the vaguer parts of this listing, please e-mail me with the relevant details.
This page was written by  Eric N. Wilson , and any headaches caused by reading it are purely accidental.
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