Compiled by Martin Grams, Jr.

Nearing the end of WWI, radio producers started creating ideas for programs that could help influence the recovery of trauma, battle scars and torn emotions for servicemen returning to the States from duty. Assignment Home was one such program, employing Hollywood singers and actors to help servicemen in need.

In The Road Ahead, a public service program, these same singers and actors presented short skits, musical performances and speeches for hospitalized servicemen in hopes that listeners would seek out their part in the road to recovery. David Broekman and his Orchestra supplied the music.

Broadcast over the Blue Network, Wednesday evenings from 9 to 9:30 p.m., EST. This short-run series was broadcast from various locations and their originations are listed. Clifton Fadiman was the host for the first four broadcasts, but was unable to do more than the initial four because of his contract with Dan Golenpaul for Information Please.

(The first name listed among each episode entry below was the master of ceremonies.)

  1. (Broadcast of May 2, 1945) Clifton Fadiman, comedian Bob Hope and actress Ann Sheridan
  2. (5/9/45) Clifton Fadiman, singers Bing Crosby and Grace Moore (from Bethesda Naval Hospital)
  3. (5/16/45) Clifton Fadiman, comedian Jack Benny and singer Ginny Simms
  4. (from Pawling, New York)

  5. (5/23/45) Clifton Fadiman, actress Anne Baxter and actor Cary Grant
  6. (from England General Hospital, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

  7. (5/30/45) Mayor F. LaGuardia, comedian Bob Burns and singer Hildegarde
  8. (from St. Albans General Hospital)

  9. (6/6/45) Red Barber, actor Edward G. Robinson and singer Georgia Gibbs
  10. (from Camp Edwards)

  11. (6/13/45) Quentin Reynolds, actor Gary Cooper and singer Joan Edwards

(McGuire General Hospital, Richmond, Virginia)


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