Compiled by Martin Grams, Jr.

Dave Garroway was first heard over WMAQ in Chicago in 1947 and soon became popular for featuring top musicians, but exclusive interviews with celebrities making headlines during the week. Alfred Hitchcock was guest in one broadcast, to help publicize the release of his latest picture, Rear Window, which opened in New York that same month.

On the June 13 broadcast, author Kamal el Mallakh was interviewed via remote from Egypt. Kamal el Mallakh discovered a solar boat in early-mid 1954. What the Cheops mighty pyramid was to do for the pharaoh’s body, the boat was to do for his Ka, or soul. Kamal’s discovery widely hit the newspapers and Garroway had the opportunity to interview him for the June 13 broadcast.

Paul Whiteman was scheduled to appear as guest on the September 19 broadcast, but was unable to so he was made guest the week after.

It is interesting to note that glamorous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida was interviewed on September 19 to help promote her latest film, Bread, Love and Dreams. Just four years before the May 1952 issue of People Today magazine had a cover story, "Sex from Italy Invades USA" which featured Gina on the cover. (Months later she would appear on the cover of Life.)

On the August 8 broadcast, Aldous Huxley discussed his theory of "Man in the Atomic Age."

On the July 4 broadcast, a recording of George M. Cohan singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" was played over the air, in celebration of the 4th of July.

Broadcast over NBC from 8 to 10 p.m., EST on Sunday evenings.

The name of the program was previously Dial Dave Garroway.

In October 1954, the program moved to Friday and the name changed to Friday with Garroway.

  1. (Broadcast May 18, 1954) Carol Channing, Billy Rose, Robert Taylor and Gene Fowler
  2. (4/25/54) Bertrand Russell
  3. (5/2/54) Gene Krupa, Gisele MacKensie and Margaret Whiting
  4. (5/9/54) MacDonald Carey, Patrick J. Kelly, Ogden Nash and Maureen O’Sullivan
  5. (5/16/54) Arthur Clark, actor William Holden and Marian McPartland
  6. (5/23/54) Rachel Carson, Hans Haas and George Simenson
  7. (5/30/54) Richard Bissell and Carol Haney
  8. (6/6/54) Lady Astor, singer Harry Belefonte, Edith Benham, Sylvia Fine, singer Eartha Kitt, John Lardner and professional baseball player Willie Mays
  9. (6/13/54) Helen Hayes, Burgess Meredith, Frank E. Puller and author Kamal el Mallakh
  10. (6/20/54) Bob Francis, piantist Liberace, Sally Rand and Mae Wynn
  11. (6/27/54) playwright Ben Hecht, Kitty Kallen, actor James Mason and Art Tatum
  12. (7/4/54) George M. Cohen performs "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and Robert M. Hutchins
  13. (7/11/54) Dorothy Fields, actress Helen Hayes, Guy Lombardo and Mary Scott Welch
  14. (7/18/54) Robert Kingery, Arthur Schwartz and singer Margaret Whiting
  15. (7/25/54) Eddy Arnold, Will Rogers, Jr., Carl Smith and Kay Starr
  16. (8/1/54) musician Benny Goodman, Vaughn Monroe and actor Cesar Romero
  17. (8/8/54) Leonard Bernstein, Doretta Morrow and Aldous Huxley
  18. (8/15/54) Gary Cooper, Herman Hagedorn, Alfred Hitchcock, Stan Kenyon, Gregory Peck
  19. and Bill Ryan

  20. (8/22/54) Ruth Catterton, Herminone Gingold and actress Mae West
  21. (8/29/54) John Chapman, Allen Dent, Mary Ford, Walt Kelly and Les Paul
  22. (9/5/54) musician Louis Armsrtong, Richard Haydn and Miss Frances Horwich
  23. (9/12/54) Lucius Beebe, Danny Kaye and Mel Powell
  24. (9/19/54) actress Gina Lollobrigida, Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Alec Templeton
  25. (9/26/54) singer Lena Horne, United Nations Secretary General Trygve Lie and Paul Whiteman

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