Product Manufacturers

One of the most frequent requests of OTR vendors and collectors is for shows with commercials. Many of the companies or products that sponsored radio shows "back then" still exist, but a fair number have disappeared too. Some products and the shows they sponsored have almost become synonymous - thinking of one evokes the other (example: Lipton Tea / Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts). Others seem to evade our memories (example: Spud / Ed Wynn Show)

Here is a list of some manufacturers, products and OTR shows. Do you recognize the products and manufacturers? See if you can "fill in the blocks".

R. L. Watkins Co.Backstage Wife
Walter Winchell's Journal
Ingram's Milkweed Cream
 Duffy's Tavern
Chandu The Magician
Manhattan Soap Co.Sweetheart Soap
Corless Lamont & CompanyThose We Love
Corless Lamont & CompanySpace Patrol
 The Whistler
Wander Co.Little Orphan Annie
Miles LaboratoriesLum and Abner
Procter & GamblePanG,
The White Naptha Soap
Procter & GambleLife of Riley

More questions to test your memory bone: Do you remember Electrolux Refrigerators? How about Kre-mel, Linit, Musterole, Zemo? (The latter three products were made by the same folks who made Barbasol ... Wasey Products). You may be familiar with Spic and Span, but do you remember Dreft or Chipso? (they were all made by Procter and Gamble). If you were a kid in the days of OTR, you certainly remember Fletcher's Castoria - made by the Centaur Co. Why did Orange Crush sponsor The green Hornet? Who made Halo Shampoo, and what show did they sponsor? Does anybody remember Venida Hair Nets? What was "Nujol" or "Mistol" (made by Stanco; the makers of Flit). And ... whatever happened to that breakfast cereal that sponsored Superman?

One of the tongue-in-cheek answers to the question "who sponsored the most OTR shows" might be "Sustained". In truth, more OTR shows were sustained at some time during their on-air life than any other. (No, that sentence is NOT grammatically correct!)

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Some data provided by Danny Goodwin, (dg125gra@earthlink.net)