OTR Soundbytes

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The Following sites also offer selections of OTR sounds:

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Site Programs
Jim Widner's Radio Days WWW Page. A great selection of historical and entertaining soundbytes, including Timelines, Radio News and Radio Drama
Science Fiction on Radio Several SF programs were sponsored by the publishers of the magazine equivalents.
Yesterday USA 24 - hr live-stream RealAudioŽ OTR programming.
The Old Radio Show of the MomentCharlie Summers' contribution to OTR on the internet. Old radios, old shows, and personality interviews.
Jerry Haendiges' Preview Listening LoungeMany moderate length samples in streaming RealAudioŽ format, from Jerry's own collection. A great place to get an idea of how an OTR program sounds

Sound Specials!
Miss the recent FOTR Conventions?
Here are some "Hellos" from famous OTR personalities that attended, as well as some photos
thanks to Charlie Summers.
The Nation's Forum Early Sound Recordings of America's Leaders, 1918-1920. These may not have been broadcast, but are certainly representative of old sounds!

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