Favorite OTR Supporting Characters

In an article in the Internet OTR Digest, Bob Beckett (bobbyb@voicenet.com) reminded us of the many supporting characters that helped make old-time radio a memorable experience.

To me, as a radio listener during the golden age of the 40's or as a collector here in the 90's, some of my favorite characters on my favorite shows are not necessarily the star of the show but often are those quirky, off-beat, off-the-wall characters that added so much to those shows and in some ways even outlived those shows.

Bob's favorites are included in the table, below.

Barney DunlapSpeed Gibson
Ben WithersLum and Abner
Birdie Lee Coggins Great Gildersleeve show
California Carlson (Andy Clyde)The Hopalong Cassidy Show
Capt. Sparks (Myron McCormick)Little Orphan Annie
Cedric WeehuntLum and Abner
Chester Proudfoot Gunsmoke
Clifton FinneganDuffy's Tavern
Daisy June (Harriet Hilliard, Lurene Tuttle)Red Skelton Show
Dennis DayJack Benny
Digger O'DellLife of Riley
Doc Gamble Fibber McGee and Molly
Doc Gunsmoke
Don Ameche Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy
Effie Perrine (Lurene Tuttle) Sam Spade
Frankie Remley (Elliot Lewis)Harris & Faye
George "The Kingfish" Stevens and his wife SapphireThe Amos 'N' Andy show
Gino Tartaglia (Charles Calvert)Broadway's My Beat
Grandpappy SpearsLum and Abner
Harry Von ZellBurns and Allen
Herman the Duck also voice of Donald DuckClarence Nash
Heyboy Have Gun Will Travel
Homer (Jackie Kelk)Aldrich Family
Ichabod Mudd (Sherman Marks)Captain Midnight
Jocko Madigan (Jack Lewis)Pat Novak, For Hire
Judge Horace HookerGreat Gildersleeve
Julius Abruzzio, the Delivery BoyHarris & Faye
Junior's GrandmotherRed Skelton Show
Kitzel (Artie Auerback)Abbott & Costello, Jack Benny
Leroy & BirdieGreat Gildersleeve
Lightnin'Amos and Andy
Little BeaverRed Ryder
Louie (Larry Dobkin)The Saint
Lt. Levinson (Ed Begley)Richard Diamond
Manuel Labor (Mel Blanc)The Judy Canova Show
Mayor LaTrivia Fibber & Molly
Mel BlancJack Benny, Burns and Allen
Mr. PeaveyGreat Gildersleeve
Mr. Smiling PostmanFibber McGee and Molly
Mrs. DavisOur Miss Brooks
Mrs. Odetts [the landlady]My Little Margie
Oogie Pringle (Richard Crenna)A Date With Judy
Osgood Conklin Our Miss Brooks
PasqualeLife with Luigi
Phil HarrisThe Jack Benny Program
Professor Kropotkin (Hans Conried)My Friend Irma
Professor Melonhead (Sid Fields)Abbott & Costello
Rochester Jack Benny
Senator Claghorn (Kenny Delmar)Fred Allen
Shorty The BarberAmos & Andy
Shrevie, The CabdriverThe Shadow
Tank Tinker (Kenny Lynch / Jason Beck)Hop Harrigan
The Floorwalker/Salesman, etc. (Frank Nelson)The Jack Benny Show
The Mad RussianEddie Cantor/Duffy's Tavern
The Old Timer Fibber McGee and Molly
The Tout (Sheldon Leonard)Jack Benny and later on "Meet me at Parky's."
Throckmorton P. GildersleeveFibber McGee and Molly
Uncle Fletcher Vic and Sade
Wallace Wimple (Bill Thompson)Fibber & Molly
Walter Denton (Dick Crenna)Our Miss Brooks
Windy Wales (Don Knotts)Bobby Benson's Adventures

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